.dry season.

it’s dry season over here in Uganda.  while America seems to be in some kind of polar vortex, we are going strong with the sunshine.  and let me tell ya, we’ve had some HOT days.  I’m one that quite loves the warmth, I’d rather be sweating than even SLIGHTLY cold, but this heat tends to get me sometimes!  (can’t complain too hard though, I quickly remember my friends in Chad and this weather would be a sweet break of relief to them.  once upon a time I thought I could live in Chad, hahahahahaha)

dry season means the rains are scarce and the maize (corn) is in abundance.  though I haven’t been a fan of being overheated lately, I have loved the sweet things that come with this harvest season.  many people here have crops, including many of our friends, which means we have been recruited to help with the task of preparing the maize for selling.  after harvesting, the maize is dried in the sunshine on massive tarps.


once dried, the maize is put in large bags where it is beat with a stick to remove a portion of the kernels. after a good beating, many hands help in removing the rest of the kernels.  what’s truly amazing about this part is watching the kids help out.  you can give a 2 year old a chunk of maize and they know just what to do.  it’s a complete group/family/community effort.  people will sit for HOURS working this way, sitting in a circle, talking and working until the task is accomplished.  and that’s why this activity has made it to the top of my “favorites of dry season” list.  it’s the perfect time to build relationships while helping them out with their normal harvest season.  love love love it.



after all the kernels are free from the cob, they are dried again before being ground up in a machine to make flour.  boil up some water, add the flour and you have one of the main foods eaten in this area of Uganda…posho!  (quite tasty with some beans and greens!)

stay warm America!



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